May 2016

May Flowers

This month, beauty abounds, starting with our amazing Apriori Beauty Moms! We celebrate their dedication, passion, wisdom, courage and success all month with specials just for them, plus bonus points for 5-star luxury in Cancun.

Give Mom the gift of beauty with product sets and specials that are sure to please her (and your wallet), now through May 6th. We’ll even help you wrap Mom’s special gift in the beautiful Pink Flowers cosmetic bag, free with every Celloxylin® “In the Bag” set purchase in May AND every $200+ product order. Celebrate Mom with flowers from Apriori Beauty!

And what about a business for Mom or yourself? The opportunity to Make Life Beautiful with Apriori Beauty is beyond affordable … Get Started for only $49, the Starter Kit includes a free Celloxylin® Pure Detox, Purifying Masque ($44 value). The gift of Apriori Beauty is the unique opportunity to: work from home; make new, life-long friends; to be part of a community of fun, passionate and fantastic women; to be challenged; to make extra money or build to a full-time income; to get the recognition you deserve; to feel a sense of accomplishment; to help others; to have fun with friends; and to strive toward your definition of success! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

This month we’re also celebrating with Bonus points for Cancun. Earn double points in May for growing your team with new, active Consultants. There’s moms every where that would love to Use Love Share great products … have fun with friends … and earn their stay at a beautiful, 5-start resort in Cancun this November. Share Apriori Beauty today with your favorite Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck

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The Apriori Beauty business from a Professional’s point-of-view

Larry Anguish
Owner, LaBella Salon and Med Spa in Lindale, TX
Joined: February 2014

I was in the market for a new skincare line in my salon when Sherri Bradley introduced me to Apriori Beauty. Instead of jumping right in as a Consultant, I started off as a Client, because I felt it was important to test the products on myself before introducing them to Clients at the salon. My Clients trust me and I don’t feel comfortable sharing a product unless I believe in it 100%.

It wasn’t long after I started using Apriori Beauty that I decided to introduce it into my salon. I became a Consultant because I believe in the products … they speak for themselves: they’re safe, pure, and effective! I knew that if I was impressed with the results I was receiving after using the products, my salon Clients would definitely love and appreciate them. Needless to say, it was an easy decision to carry Apriori Beauty in LaBella Salon and Med Spa.

A majority of my Apriori Beauty Clients have been referred to me via word-of-mouth because of my salon facials. When I have a new Apriori Beauty facial Client, I take it as an opportunity for them to experience the entire Celloxylin® line on their face. As I’m applying each product on their skin, I’m explaining HOW each product is working and WHY I’m using it. I could be there all day explaining the benefits of using Apriori Beauty, but until I actually get the product(s) on their skin and they can see the results, it’s likely they won’t purchase. Information is key, but results sell!

The Celloxylin products are used in all of our facials. We also use them in our special spa manicures and pedicures, including the Derma Firm Illuminator. An example treatment for face, hands and feet starts with Crème Cleanse, followed by Activating Tonic (on face, hands and feet), followed by the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub. After scrub, we use the Activating Tonic again, followed by PSR Next and both cycles of the Derma Firm Illuminator (10 minutes total). After the DFI, we end the procedure with the Pure Detox clay Masque, on the face, hands and feet. It’s an Apriori Beauty, head-to-toe skincare experience!

Our Clients love these treatments and the products. We can barely keep them on our shelves. Clients are seeing positive results on their face and with the texture of their skin.

Being an Apriori Beauty Consultant has not only benefited me, but LaBella Salon and Med Spa as well. My Clients have access to quality hair and skincare, and the income I generate from retailing helps to financially support my salon and staff. Our clients are priority and deserve the best quality of beauty care and products. I strive for my employees to understand the quality of the products as well as I do. Passion for hair and skincare has always been the driving force behind LaBella Salon and I feel fortunate to have found a skincare line that not only enforces my belief for safe and effective products, but also allows me to build a sustainable business just by sharing them.