July 2016

Free to Be

July reminds us that we’re free to be whatever we want to be! Free to be an entrepreneur … to explore our options as we deem fit. The freedom to wake up one morning and start a new business … or take a new direction in life. Luckily for us as Americans, our freedom is limited only by our ability to dream, believe and to be creative with life. Dream big, believe bigger and you’ll have more to celebrate in this month of Independence!

Cheers to those with a dream and desire to Make Life Beautiful as an entrepreneur and independent Consultant with Apriori Beauty. This month, the opportunity to Use Love Share® includes Apriori Beauty’s newest and best-selling product free in the Starter Kit — the all-new Celloxylin® EPIC Instant Wrinkle Reducer. A $59 product in a $49 Starter Kit that includes everything you need to get your beauty business started, is a deal that can set you up for a successful summer!

This month we are also celebrating our independent Consultants at our annual Leadership meeting in California. We’re excited to spend a few days with the leaders of our company, while also collaborating on the year to come. There’s so much to celebrate, and so much to be grateful for.

Happy Independence Day and month! Choose to be free, choose to be!

Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck

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The Apriori Beauty business from a Professional’s point-of-view

Michelle Rennie 
Salon Owner and Sr. Consultant from Canandaigua, NY
Joined: December 2015
Michelle’s Salon & Spa at Five Seasons

For over 15 years, Michelle Rennie has owned and operated Michelle’s Salon & Spa at Five Seasons. It’s a full-service salon with 12 styling stations with consultation area, a private nail spa with four pedicure chairs and three manicure tables, plus a day spa with three treatment rooms and locker/shower area. She’s grown her salon from four employees to more than 15, including her sponsor and Manager, Christina LaDucaCosta.

Michelle, what intrigued you to add Apriori Beauty to your salon offerings, and become an independent Consultant?

“Christina intrigued me — her passion, her knowledge (she’s so educated) — she knows the products and why they are the best choice. Because of her, I tried the samples and could definitely tell the difference. I started with the Celloxylin® skincare regimen, then tried PSR Next. I kept adding products. After PSR, I tried the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub and then Pure Detox Masque. It feels good to know that you are using a product that is safe. It’s amazing what’s out there and what’s in some products. It feels good to offer a product line you can trust and believe in.”

How do you incorporate the products into your salon services?

“Our Aestheticians incorporate the products into their spa treatments (facials, massage, body wraps), depending on the need of the client, and then offer the products for sale after the treatment. We also offer them in the salon … they compliment the professional lines that we offer. Providing a variety of product lines gives our clients options. People love options.”

What feedback have you received from your Clients on the Apriori Beauty products?

“Feedback from our clients has been very positive. It’s not the price of the product that sells, it’s the product itself. Once people know what’s in it and what’s not in it, they’re sold. We see a lot of repeat orders.”

Which Apriori Beauty products do you retail?

“Almost all of the Apriori Beauty skincare products are available for Clients to purchase. Currently, the Derma Firm Illuminator is only used in the treatments, but we are planning to eventually retail it too. ProDermalin® Pure Basics is a great line to offer because it works for so many skin types, especially the younger generation. It’s a quick seller for us, at a good price point. The Micro Scrub is also an easy seller. Once someone uses it, they are hooked. They ask for it! People also ask what I use and what I recommend. We’ve switched people over to the Apriori Beauty products from other brands. I haven’t had anyone with a reaction to the products, which is great.”

How do you purchase products?

“The salon purchases the products for retailing in the salon. We keep product on hand. We use the 3-Gets-1 Free sets to our advantage; to make as much as we can off of the retail. I’ve found that we’re stocking more than we used to, because the products sell.”

Have others in the salon also joined Apriori Beauty?

Currently, there are two Aestheticians and a stylist who have signed up.

What is your favorite Apriori Beauty product?

“I’ve been using Apriori Beauty consistently since winter. I’d have to say that the Pure Perfecting Veil is my favorite product! I love the Veil. I don’t need anything else. It gives me a nice glow, like I’ve been kissed by the sun.”

When people ask for your recommendation, what do you say?

“I recommend to start slow; enjoy each product. Start with a few products, and add as you go. Taking it slow gets you excited with anticipation about the next product you get to try.”