October 2015

The final stretch!

It seems like the year just started, yet a new month begins that marks the start of year-end. And what an exciting 4th quarter it will be! With one month until our annual Making Life Beautiful celebration in Punta Cana (MLB 2015), we’re also gearing up for the holidays with an exciting new product introduction, plus a new way for Consultants to earn points for free products Using, Loving and Sharing Apriori Beauty!

We can’t wait to celebrate and relax with everyone in Punta Cana, and to share what’s new and what’s in the works to motivate you toward your goals. This year’s trip/celebration will be packed with fun in the sun, networking, plus a well-deserved break from the every day.

And if you’re interested in earning FREE products, the Q4 To the Point incentive program gives every Consultant the opportunity to earn points for new activity in October, November and December toward FREE Apriori Beauty products! Use the products yourself, for holiday gifts, or to build your business. Whichever way, free is always good!

At Apriori Beauty this October, it’s all treats and no tricks when you choose to build a business with our incredible products and equally amazing opportunity. Plus, as a Consultant, you can join us in the Caribbean November 14-18 for four days of fun with friends, team building and the recognition you deserve!

We can’t wait to see everyone in Punta Cana … the final countdown is on!

Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck

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If you USE and LOVE a product, you will naturally SHARE it with those you know. This phenomenon happens every day. How would you like to get paid for sharing something you love? Apriori Beauty is all about using great products that you love, sharing them with others and getting rewarded for it! Think about the last movie you saw and thought was great. How many people did you recommend that movie to? Did you get paid a commission from the movie theatre for each ticket purchased from your recommendation? The Apriori Beauty opportunity is as simple, yet better than sharing a movie or something you love, because you get paid for orders received from your recommendation. And even better, you get paid more when you build a team of people that do the same! Use, Love, Share Apriori Beauty and get rewarded for it!

You can Use Love Share Too!

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Jennifer Swanson | Sr. Consultant from Pennsylvania

Joined: July 2015
Personally Sponsored Consultants: 2
Personal Clients: 8

I’m not your typical Apriori Beauty Consultant who joined because I was already using and loving the products. I came across Apriori Beauty while searching the internet for a new beauty direct sales company because I wanted to be able to make an income while staying home with my two sons, ages 9 and 2. After learning several years ago that I had developed a clotting disease, I began paying attention to my personal care products with focus on healthy and safe ingredients. I’ve tried other beauty lines in the past that were non-toxic; however, they didn’t work. With Apriori Beauty, I simply researched and went with my gut feeling.

Immediately upon joining Apriori Beauty, I ordered samples and got busy handing them out and using the products myself. Within the first couple of applications, I could see a difference in my skin. I’ve never had problem skin, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed how my skin tone has become uneven, often appearing dull and lifeless. With Apriori Beauty, my skin has this new shine to it. Even my friends and family started noticing a difference. They couldn’t quite put their finger on what was different about me, but they all agreed I looked great! All I could say was, “I know! It’s Apriori Beauty.”

As a cosmetologist by trade, I wanted a network marketing company that was beauty centered but not hostess driven as so many direct sales companies are. Whereas home parties are great for reaching several people at once, I prefer meeting and talking with people one-on-one. For me, it’s more personal and allows me to get to know my Clients better. Every day is a new adventure of getting the word out about Apriori Beauty and making new contacts. Whenever someone comments on my skin, I share Apriori Beauty with them and hand them a sample.

One thing I’ve learned since becoming an Independent Consultant is that you always need to follow-up with people you’ve shared samples with and ask them how they’re enjoying the skincare. I am amazed at how many samples go unused! You can’t just expect people to flock to your Apriori Beauty website and place an order on their own. That’s where we come in as Consultants. We’re here to provide customer service for those who have questions about the products or may need assistance in ordering. And for people interested in the business, I always say, “It’s only $49! You have nothing to lose except dull, lifeless skin.” Apriori Beauty’s motto is true: You use it, then you love it, and you share it! Although there’s times I feel like I’m moving at a snails’ pace, I’m continuously making it a point to meet new people and share Apriori Beauty, which is all you can do. So far, it’s worked well for me and I’m excited to see where my business will take me. 

Recognizing outstanding retailing results

Abigail Sperber | Sr. Consultant from California

Joined: May 2011
Personal Clients: 30
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 2 times

I became an Apriori Beauty Independent Consultant after working in network marketing for several years. I am extremely passionate about what I put on my skin, as it is a result of how you look and how you feel. Having a son that was diagnosed as an infant with severe food allergies, I started learning very quickly about product ingredients and the effects they can have on your body if they’re not safe and healthy. Due to this, I was truly inspired to use the purest products with safe ingredients that my family and I could use. Apriori Beauty has it all; offering a household of products that work together to nourish your cells at the cellular level, promoting healthy, glowing skin.

I meet Clients every day and everywhere. Whether it’s at the gym (I’m also a Zumba instructor), the store, a party or event, I take advantage of my different surroundings and opportunities. I believe everyone I come across is a potential Client who deserves to hear about Apriori Beauty’s incredible skincare products. When talking with someone new, I ask them, “If there was something you could change about your skin, what would it be?” Based on their answer, I decide which product(s) to recommend that would best suit their skincare needs. I then offer them a sample of the recommended product (or line) and relay I’ll be following up with them in a few days. I always include a sample of the Celloxylin® Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub and Pure Detox, Purifying Masque. These two treatment products have greatly helped my daughter’s acne and are my “must-have” products when sharing with others. My number one retailing tip is to always be consistent in what you do and never give up. Even if someone tells you “No,” don’t give up. Maybe they’re not interested now, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. Make a note to check-in with them in a few months and see if anything has changed. You never know, by then they might be seeking a new skincare line.

One of the many benefits I’ve experienced with retailing is that I get paid every Friday. This “right now money” is fun money for me to enjoy and spend. Retailing is a significant aspect of my Apriori Beauty business, in which I enjoy helping new and existing Clients meet their desired skincare needs. I work closely with my Clients in finding the best products suitable for their skin, and in turn, I’ve received business success with repeated sales.

As you’re out there sharing and retailing the products, it’s likely you’ll come across some amazing people who are interested in a generating supplemental or a full-time income and want to create their own successful business. They see how you’re benefiting from sharing Apriori Beauty and want to join you on this ever-growing success. It’s another example of how retailing can grow your business, both via sales and sponsoring new Consultants. Apriori Beauty is a fast-growing, women orientated company with incredible products and a desire to help you, a Consultant, succeed in using the products and tools they offer. So, I leave you with one question, “Who is going to be your next Client?”