February 2015

Use Love Share

Love is the air … February is the month to Use LOVE Share with the newly revamped $49 Consultant Starter Kit. Not only can you save when you get started as an independent Consultant this month, but you’ll also receive the newly introduced Celloxylin Pure Detox, purifying clay masque FREE in your Starter Kit order (a $44 value).

If you love the new Pure Detox masque, for only $5 more, you can also start your own business and earn extra money and incentives (including a trip to Punta Cana) when you share what you Use and Love with people you know!

Speaking of Love and sweet deals, we’re starting the month off with Valentine’s savings. Save for the first seven days, February 1-7, on several specials that are perfect for the one you love, or yourself!

This month, Apriori Beauty is also supporting Women’s Heart Health with a limited-edition T-shirt design and Zebra Heart cosmetic bag. Profits from the sale of both this month will be donated to the American Heart Association!

Happy Valentine’s Day & February from Apriori Beauty!

Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck

If you USE and LOVE a product, you will naturally SHARE it with those you know. This phenomenon happens every day. How would you like to get paid for sharing something you love? Apriori Beauty is all about using great products that you love, sharing them with others and getting rewarded for it! Think about the last movie you saw and thought was great. How many people did you recommend that movie to? Did you get paid a commission from the movie theatre for each ticket purchased from your recommendation? The Apriori Beauty opportunity is as simple, yet better than sharing a movie or something you love, because you get paid for orders received from your recommendation. And even better, you get paid more when you build a team of people that do the same! Use, Love, Share Apriori Beauty and get rewarded for it!

You can Use Love Share Too!

Click here to learn more about the opportunity to Use Love Share Apriori Beauty

Top 5 Consultants in Retail Sales from Client orders
Congratulations to the following Consultants for their weekly retailing achievements

Week of January 10th – January 16th, paid on January 23rd:
1. Paula Yudelevit, Manager – MD
2. Terri Lindow, Silver Director – CA
3. Anita Lewis, Manager – NY
4. Natalie Walsh, Founder & Manager – CA
5. Catherine Peterson, Sr. Consultant – ID

Week of January 3rd – January 9th, paid on January 16th:
1. Jami Taguchi, Manager – CA
2. Robin Whitney, Exec Director – CA
3. Natalie Walsh, Founder & Manager – CA
4. Kelli Benger, Manager – MA
5. Chris Mclean, Sr. Consultant – CA

Week of December 27th – January 2nd, paid on January 9th:
1. Paula Yudelevit, Manager – MD
2. Natalie Walsh, Founder & Manager – CA
3. Tricia Baumgardner, Founder & Silver Director – CA
4. Carleen McIlveen, Manager – FL
5. Susan Laura, Sr. Consultant – PA

Week of December 20th – December 26th, paid on January 2nd:
1. Gina Fort, Sr. Consultant – CA
2. Linda Altergott, Founder & Executive Director – CA
3. Natalie Walsh, Founder & Manager – CA
4. Shifra Fishman-Johnston, Sr. Consultant – CA
5. Linda Bast, Sr. Consultant – OH

Week of December 13th – December 19th, paid on December 26th:
1. Paula Yudelevit, Manager – MD
2. Elizabeth Contreras, Consultant – CA
3. Connie Johnson, Founder & Exec Director – CA
4. Kathleen Jones, Sr. Consultant – CA
5. Shifra Fishman-Johnston, Sr. Consultant – CA

Congratulations to the following Consultants with leading sales, sponsoring and promotion achievements:

New Sr. Consultants

Becca Jacoby – AZ
Leslie Williams – CA
Michelle Allen – AZ
Nancy Alvarez – NY
Pamela Frank – WY

Luxury Cash Bonus Recipients

Congratulations to the following who received their Luxury Cash Bonus:

Lisa Adam
Linda Altergott
Tricia Baumgardner
Candace Dye
Connie Johnson
Terri Lindow
Susan Shaheen
Jami Taguchi
Natalie Walsh
Robin Whitney
Paula Yudelevit

Sponsoring Superstars

Congratulations to the following Consultants for personally sponsoring two or more new Consultants in December 2014:

Connie Johnson – 5
Susan Shaheen – 3

Top 10 Consultants in Retail Sales from personal Client orders

1. Paula Yudelevit, Manager – MD
2. Natalie Walsh, Founder & Manager – CA
3. Gina Fort, Sr. Consultant – CA
4. Tricia Baumgardner, Founder & Silver Director – CA
5. Shifra Fishman-Johnston, Sr. Consultant – CA
6. Valerie Anderson, Manager – CT
7. Linda Altergott, Founder & Exec Director – CA
8. Susan Shaheen, Platinum Director – SC
9. Carleen McIlveen, Manager – FL
10. Jami Taguchi, Manager – CA

Top 10 Power Builders with the highest paid Power Bonuses for new activity on their first 3 levels

1. Susan Shaheen, Platinum Director – SC
2. Kathleen Jones, Sr. Consultant – CA
3. Tricia Baumgardner, Founder & Silver Director – CA
4. Beverly Sage, Exec Director – FL
5. Terri Lindow, Silver Director – CA
6. Robin Whitney, Exec Director – CA
7. Susan Ayre, Founder & Sr. Consultant – VA
8. Linda Altergott, Founder & Exec Director – CA
9. Sandra Juarez, Sr. Consultant – CA
10. Paula Yudelevit, Manager – MD

Top 10 Consultants in Personal Group Bonus Volume — PGBV = downline volume from Consultants and their Clients, down to a Manager

1. Paula Yudelevit, Manager – MD
2. Terri Lindow, Silver Director – CA
3. Candace Dye, Founder & Exec Director – CA
4. Susan Shaheen, Silver Director – SC
5. Sharon Wackeen, Sr. Consultant – CA
6. Natalie Walsh, Founder & Manager – CA
7. Robin Whitney, Exec Director – CA
8. Sandra Juarez, Sr. Consultant – CA
9. Tricia Baumgardner, Founder & Silver Director – CA
10. Kathleen Jones, Sr. Consultant – CA

Top 10 Consultants in Personal Client Registration

1. Gina Fort, Sr. Consultant – CA
2. Natalie Walsh, Founder & Manager – CA
3. Eva Sega, Consultant – CA
4. Paula Yudelevit, Manager – MD
5. Valerie Anderson, Manager - CT

Recognizing strong Team Leaders who have embraced the power of team building

Kathleen DeRango | Executive Director from Illinois
Joined: May 2011
Total Downline: 29
Front Line Consultants: 12

The less time you have to devote to your business, the smarter you have to be with that time.

I love a good challenge. Several years ago, my youngest daughter decided she wanted to take up Taekwondo. As I was sitting on the bench watching her during class, all I could think about was how I’d rather be out there on the mat instead of sitting on the sideline with the other moms. I didn’t just want to sit in a chair, so I decided to sign-up because I knew it would be a great workout. I wasn’t expecting to, but I quickly became addicted to Taekwondo, and even kept attending after my daughter lost interest. It took me about three years, but in December of 2008, I became a black belt in Taekwondo. It’s an extremely high honor to be presented a black belt. A ceremony is held in which the Grand Master presents you with the belt and takes a few moments to speak about your journey to this place. I’ll never forget what the Grand Master said about me: “When I first met Kathy, I thought she was such a girly-girl. And she is, but she’s a girly-girl who never gives up.” This comment still sticks with me today. He was right, I don’t give up. Earning that black belt took perseverance, self-control, and discipline. So, if I could practice such determination and strength in one area, why couldn’t I do it in every other area of my life? It took a lot of work to reach the ultimate goal of black belt, and quitting was never something my brain ever contemplated. That perseverance has transferred into many areas of my life, including my Apriori Beauty business. Why not reach the top of Apriori Beauty and promote to Platinum Director? There isn’t anything the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Directors are doing that the rest of us aren’t doing – they’re just doing it more.

Anyone can promote to Executive Director at Apriori Beauty and be where I’m at; it’s not an exclusive club. If you truly want to grow your business, it’s going to require your time, dedication, and most importantly, consistency. You can be successful with Apriori Beauty while working a full-time job and being a committed wife and/or mother, but you have to consistently make your business a priority. Let’s say your schedule permits you to dedicate only one hour, three days a week, to your business. That’s great, but never let those three days go by without working your Apriori Beauty business. Since you only have that one hour, you need to be spending that hour doing right-now, money-making activities. The less time you have to devote to your business, the smarter you have to be with that time. Don’t spend it organizing files. Instead, go out and share. Work on obtaining Clients and Consultants. And whatever you do, always ask yourself, “is this conducive to increasing my business right now?” People with outside obligations can have a successful Apriori Beauty business, your time spent on your business will just look differently than others.

If I want to maximize my paycheck (who doesn’t?), then it’s essential that I’m a business builder and set the example for my team. This means working closely with my Consultants and helping them meet their goals. I call and follow-up with them, send texts, and even distribute a monthly email blast touching base with my team and highlighting specifics from Apriori Beauty’s Consultant Newsletter. This past November, I put the word out to my entire team and asked who wanted to step up and join me in pushing beyond our normal comfort zones, and really focus on building larger and stronger businesses this year. In my case, that means pushing to promote at least two more levels this year. That’s a huge commitment to put out there. Those Consultants on my team who decided to make the commitment, are part of my “Building in 2015” challenge. I do monthly “Thinking BIG” calls where we have guest speakers and focus on training and tips to build our businesses. We hold challenges and I always make sure I have prizes to motivate those who achieve what they set out to do. The key is, your Consultants have to want it – you can’t force them to work and build their business if that’s not a priority of theirs. I make sure that whatever we’re doing, we’re staying informed and focused, setting goals, pushing past our limits, getting recognition, and have a goodtime while doing it. Having fun is a very important part of this business.

The more my business builds and I grow at Apriori Beauty, the more I want to expand and help other Consultants, regardless if they’re on my team or not. The success of Apriori Beauty is based on the ability of all us Consultants. I look at Leadership in Apriori Beauty as a vehicle to help others and encourage fellow Consultants to push past their comfort zones and accomplish what they once imagined “impossible.” The beauty of this Company is that we can all rise to the top and maximize our success – it’s just a question of if you’re willing to get a little dirty and rise to the occasion.  

Recognizing outstanding retailing results

Valerie Anderson | Manager from Connecticut
Joined: March 2009
Personally Sponsored Clients: 1,069
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 10 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: 8 times

When I joined Apriori Beauty in March of 2009, there weren’t any products yet. I couldn’t even pronounce its name at first, but I knew that I had to be a part of this Company. From day one, I’ve believed 100% in Apriori Beauty, its Founders, and its mission*. Throughout these past six years, I’ve seen my business grow alongside Apriori Beauty as our product selection has expanded and more people are being introduced to the benefits of using a safe and effective skincare line. I especially love the retailing side of this business because it puts right now money in my pocket every week!

My Kindergarten report card said, "Val is a social butterfly" and to be honest, not much has changed since then. I love talking to everyone I meet and this has been extremely helpful in growing my Apriori Beauty business. People always comment on how good my skin looks and I never fail to make it known that it’s because of our amazing products. When they see first-hand how effective Apriori Beauty is, they’re instantly interested because they know these products actually work and aren’t just false promises.

I never know where my newest Client will come from. It could be someone from the gym, grocery store, a colleague from the school I work at, or even a long lost cousin! I love wearing my Apriori Beauty tees and always take my Apriori Beauty Yoga Mat with me to yoga class. It’s easy to SHARE when people ask you, “What’s Apriori Beauty?” Meeting Clients is as simple as making that connection. But, these connections need to be real and from the heart. Are you more likely to trust a total stranger or someone you actually know and who is genuine? Make it a point to get to know your prospective Clients so they’re not just a random name you handed a sample to, but rather, a real person you can see yourself talking and connecting with on a regular basis.

When it comes to gaining new Clients, one of my favorite things to do is offer a Free Mini Facial. I’ve found this to be the perfect way to help qualify a prospective Client: Are they really interested in that sample? Will they use it? How can I get their information? The answer is the Free Mini Facial! I am guaranteed to get them USING and LOVING the products through this venue. I encourage them to bring a friend or two and advertise it as a ‘Girls Day/Night In!’ Remember, introducing the products to potential Clients is meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

In addition to getting the products on peoples’ faces, in order for me to maintain high sales, I need to be consistent. This may mean following up with Clients, offering them specials, or even running contests – as long as I’m connecting with my Clients on a consistent basis, my business remains steady and flowing with orders. In addition, it’s imperative you address the needs of your Clients. Not only will your Clients be happy and satisfied, your sales will automatically increase. Stop selling and start serving! At Apriori Beauty, we have something that people need and the better the customer service you provide, the better your business will grow.