August 2016

Countdown to Cancun!

The countdown is on for Apriori Beauty’s 2016 Consultant Incentive trip to Cancun. We’ll be celebrating success over 5-days and 4-nights at the luxurious and all-inclusive Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres this November. What a wonderful way to put your business-building activity to work for you, by earning your stay while also earning great pay for sharing what you already Use and Love!

At Apriori Beauty, we believe that Making Life Beautiful extends beyond great products that help to make you look and feel beautiful. With our incredible and flexible opportunity, you can also enhance your life for yourself and those around you, as well as gain extraordinary experiences, such as earning a luxurious trip to an exotic location. Life truly is beautiful when you open the door to opportunities that you never knew existed!

If you Use and Love Apriori Beauty’s products, there’s never been a better time to consider sharing them too as an independent Consultant, to enhance your life and open the door to new people and places. There’s still two months to earn points for Punta Cana. If you don't earn all the points, you can buy-in the balance too, beginning September 1st in the Consultant Back Office.

Take advantage of the social summer months to share a product … change your life with Apriori Beauty! We hope you’ll join us this November in Cancun. It’s guaranteed to be a week to remember!

Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck

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If you USE and LOVE a product, you will naturally SHARE it with those you know. This phenomenon happens every day. How would you like to get paid for sharing something you love? Apriori Beauty is all about using great products that you love, sharing them with others and getting rewarded for it! Think about the last movie you saw and thought was great. How many people did you recommend that movie to? Did you get paid a commission from the movie theatre for each ticket purchased from your recommendation? The Apriori Beauty opportunity is as simple, yet better than sharing a movie or something you love, because you get paid for orders received from your recommendation. And even better, you get paid more when you build a team of people that do the same! Use, Love, Share Apriori Beauty and get rewarded for it!

You can Use Love Share Too!

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Recognizing strong Team Leaders who have embraced the power of team building

Valerie Anderson | Manager from Connecticut

Joined: March 2009
Total Downline: 25 — 19 personally sponsored

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle!

 “I love this quote, because YOU, and YOU alone, are responsible for your destiny, within life and within Apriori Beauty. When you have the inner excitement and passion, people see that coming out through your eyes, smile, and demeanor. People are attracted to that and it makes sharing Apriori easy!

“For example, I was on the ferry back from the beach yesterday. I was full of sand and salt with wild beach hair! I was so happy after a wonderful day of playing in the waves. I started chatting and laughing with a woman and making a connection with her. The last thing on my mind was ‘selling’ her something. We were just naturally developing a relationship. As we talked, she shared many details about her life and I just listened, really listened. By the time the ferry docked, I had shared my contact information and she had given me hers as well. She let me know that she wasn't happy with her current skin care and was also interested in starting her own business — one that could pay her residual income for the rest of her life. When you have that inner excitement, people sense that and want it too!”

What motivates me to keep building my Apriori Beauty business?

“That's an easy question to answer! EVERYONE needs to get to Manager for several reasons …

“ONE: Your paycheck will grow — who doesn't want a bigger paycheck? As a TESOL teacher, I don't get paid in the summer, but my Apriori Beauty business pays me ALL year long and allows me to travel multiple times throughout the year.

“TWO: The Manager/Director Leadership meeting is NOT to be missed! I have never had so much fun while ‘working!’ This company spoils us and I love it!

“THREE: Free trips, gifts, jewelry? YES, YES, YES! In addition to being paid for our efforts, we are given a clear plan to work and earn all these EXTRAS! Plan your work and work your plan. I make lists of what I need to do to earn points and then I do what's on the list. It sounds so simple, because it is. Work towards Manager, or help someone on your team become a Manager — that's it — you will grow your business, your team, your paycheck, and earn the EXTRAS!”

What's your motivation?