April 2015

Business is blooming & booming

We love Spring at Apriori Beauty! It’s the prettiest time of the year as the seeds of opportunity planted earlier in the year start to take root and bloom. Business is blooming and booming. With the newly revised Starter Kit, we’ve welcomed more new Consultants in the first quarter of 2015 than the last half of 2014 combined! Welcome to all of our newest Consultants and kudos to each Consultant who shared what they loved and grew their team at the same time.

With all of this new activity, points are racking up for our first Consultant Incentive Trip to the beautiful Punta Cana in the Caribbean this November. We can’t wait to celebrate success while lounging in 5-star luxury with our favorite Apriori Beauties.

And if you’re wondering “What on Earth” Susan will be doing on her birthday this month, find out later this month when we announce how we’ll celebrate her special day. (Note: If you’re one who just can’t wait, listen in to Apriori Beauty Radio on the 9th, as guest host Sharon Michaels interviews Susan to gain insight on the vision for Apriori Beauty, followed on the 23rd with an interview with Elizabeth. Sharon interviews both partners and Co-Founders of Apriori Beauty in April.)

Enjoy the holidays (Happy Passover and Easter) … may they be filled with family, love and laughter, and the beauty that is Spring!

Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck

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If you USE and LOVE a product, you will naturally SHARE it with those you know. This phenomenon happens every day. How would you like to get paid for sharing something you love? Apriori Beauty is all about using great products that you love, sharing them with others and getting rewarded for it! Think about the last movie you saw and thought was great. How many people did you recommend that movie to? Did you get paid a commission from the movie theatre for each ticket purchased from your recommendation? The Apriori Beauty opportunity is as simple, yet better than sharing a movie or something you love, because you get paid for orders received from your recommendation. And even better, you get paid more when you build a team of people that do the same! Use, Love, Share Apriori Beauty and get rewarded for it!

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Olivia Fusilli | New Team Leader from New York
Joined: February 2015
Personally Sponsored Consultants: 2
Personally Sponsored Clients: 7

In less than a month of joining Apriori Beauty, Olivia Fusilli achieved two major Consultant promotions making her Apriori Beauty’s youngest Team Leader.

I decided to become an Apriori Beauty Consultant because of Lisa Adam. I started off as her babysitter and after hearing me complain about the wrinkle in the middle of my forehead, she offered me a sample of the Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage 5-step anti-aging skincare line. Once I tried the sample, I was sold, so Lisa shared more about the Company and products with me. When I heard the products were all natural and SLS free, it was like music to my ears. As a big time advocate for all natural products and healthy living, I knew Apriori Beauty was the right match for me.

It was my Apriori Beauty launch party that skyrocketed my business and promoted me to both Sr. Consultant and Team Leader my first month. Not only did everyone (myself included) have an absolute blast, but it allowed me to reach a mass group of people in one sitting. I’m so fortunate to have an incredible sponsor like Lisa Adam, who stood by my side the entire night and helped me share and answer questions.

We started the night off with hand massages, because who doesn’t love a hand massage? As guests walked in, we took them to the sink and applied the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub (or sugar scrub as I like to call it), followed by the Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Lotion. If you ask me, I think those two products alone were enough to sell guests on Apriori Beauty. It’s only been a few weeks and I’m already getting orders from new Clients who were recommended to me by guests at my party.

One benefit to being an Apriori Beauty Independent Consultant while being a full-time college student is that you can work this business anywhere. Whereas I work 2-3 times a week depending on availability, I sell Apriori Beauty all day, every day to both friends and strangers alike. Being as busy as I am, I come in contact with many different people of all ages, allowing me multiple opportunities throughout the day to share Apriori Beauty. I’ve had people come up to me and run their fingers through my hair, asking me what I use, and giving me an opening to introduce Apriori Beauty’s safe and effective products. Plus, I’ve started building a strong and well-knit team of Consultants who are also committed to working their Apriori Beauty business with me. Even if I’m not working, I’m essentially making money without even knowing it! From a college student’s point-of-view, you can imagine how happy my bank account is.

Having a fabulous sponsor like Lisa has been essential to keeping me on track with my business. She is consistently checking in with me and making sure I’m exceeding my goals. Without her, none of this would have been possible; I owe her everything! In addition, I’m blessed with a supportive family, who came and helped me throw my launch party, and even joined my Apriori Beauty business by becoming Clients and Consultants! Through Apriori Beauty, I’ve learned a lot about people and what attracts them. I’ve learned that when people want something, they want it as soon as humanly possible, which is why I believe the hand massages at my launch party was the best seller. Guests were able to experience the products for themselves, and they loved it. I’ve also learned that I’m in control of my money with how much or how little I make. The more I commit to my Apriori Beauty business, the more I benefit from it.

Recognizing outstanding retailing results

Sue Forster | Founder & Team Leader from California

Joined: March 2009
Personally Sponsored Clients: 71
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 3 times

Timing is everything!

When it came to getting momentum going for my Apriori Beauty business, timing was everything. I’ve been with this Company since the very beginning (before there were even products), but in order for my business to thrive, I had to feel and know when it was the right time for me. My love for the products was never a question. I was always sharing how amazing the products were with friends and family. Instead, it became more of when I was ready to bring others onboard with me.

I began reaching out, one person at-a-time. Between working full-time and having a busy family, I needed to be careful who I was investing my time with. Relationship building became my focus. Each person I reached out to was someone I already had a relationship with. They were either co-workers or gym buddies. In fact, a Consultant of mine, as well as a new Client are both women I know through the gym. I also realized that a majority of my business relied on other peoples’ timelines, not just my own. I often received responses such as “when I finish my other products, I’ll try yours,” or “call me next month.” Through this realization, I learned how important follow-up was. Sometimes you gain success with follow up, sometimes you don’t. Either way, just keep moving on to the next person.

Two outlets that have impacted my business the most are Beauty Bars and Social Media. If you have an opportunity to either host or attend a Beauty Bar, I highly recommend it. It’s a fun way of sharing the Apriori Beauty experience with your potential Clients (and Consultants), and it gives your guests the opportunity to try the products and see the results for themselves. Seeing is believing and people like results, especially when it involves their skin! When it comes to social media, I’ve never been an active Facebook user, but I knew it would be beneficial to my business. After updating my profile picture and posting an Apriori Beauty image or two on my Facebook wall, I immediately received comments and messages from friends I hadn’t seen in years asking me for product samples. Before I knew it, I was registering new Clients and placing orders. It was at this time that I realized building a retailing business was where it’s at for me. I love getting paid every week and when my Clients are interested and ready to be Consultants, I will be there to help them get started on their own journey.

Working full-time, being there for my family, planning events, and going to the gym are just a few aspects of my crazy schedule. I’ve come to notice that the busier my schedule is, the more I actually get done. As a way to stay focused and organized, I make a list each night for the next day, which includes family, work, and Apriori Beauty. My aim is to give each section of my life the time and attention it needs. It’s all about balance and I’ve finally found mine.