April 2016

Whistle while you work …

Spring is in the air and so is the inkling to feel good. What better way to put a spring in your step and a whistle on your lips than to look and feel good about yourself and what you do day-after-day. When you look beautiful, you feel good. When you feel beautiful, you look good. And when you can make a difference sharing this beauty with others, you can feel good inside and out.

At Apriori Beauty, we’re more than just great products, we’re also an opportunity to help yourself and others look, feel and be your best. If you’re looking for an opportunity to meet new people, to build your paycheck beyond your own efforts, and to earn incentives beyond your pay (like travel to exotic destinations), we’re looking for leaders! And with so many exciting things in the works, there’s never been a better time to be part of this amazing company.

We invite you to learn more about Apriori Beauty … our products, the opportunity and our passionate Consultants who are eager to help others Make Life Beautiful!

Happy Spring and new beginnings …

Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck

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If you USE and LOVE a product, you will naturally SHARE it with those you know. This phenomenon happens every day. How would you like to get paid for sharing something you love? Apriori Beauty is all about using great products that you love, sharing them with others and getting rewarded for it! Think about the last movie you saw and thought was great. How many people did you recommend that movie to? Did you get paid a commission from the movie theatre for each ticket purchased from your recommendation? The Apriori Beauty opportunity is as simple, yet better than sharing a movie or something you love, because you get paid for orders received from your recommendation. And even better, you get paid more when you build a team of people that do the same! Use, Love, Share Apriori Beauty and get rewarded for it!

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Terry Sadowski | Sr. Consultant from South Carolina

Joined: February 2016
Personally Sponsored Consultants: 2
Personal Clients: 6

I joined Apriori Beauty as a Consultant because I loved the products. I have extremely sensitive skin, and tried the products very reluctantly due to past experiences with products that caused an allergic reaction. I was amazed after trying the 5-Step Celloxylin skincare samples and the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub for 3 days, that my skin was very happy!

Because of this, I offered to host a Beauty Bar at my home at the end of February. In the interim, my Sponsor, Susan Shaheen, invited me to a breakfast to learn more about the business opportunity. It was then that I decided it would be a good financial decision, with the rebates and commissions earned on the products, to become a Consultant. After this decision, my Beauty Bar became the “launch” event for my Apriori Beauty business, with great results. Because Susan is very knowledgeable about skincare, and her fun presentation was packed with information, every lady, except for one, placed an order that day and everyone mentioned what a fun morning it was.

Since I am “retired” and a busy Cabi Stylist, I never intended to take on another direct sales position! But since women are already coming to me for fashion advice, I feel I could also help them look more beautiful by introducing them to Apriori skincare. So when I joined Apriori, I really didn’t have a plan to develop or grow my business. Susan provided me with the knowledge of how building a team can yield even more financial benefits. I just started sharing my samples with friends who knew that I use the products because I love them. I always mention that I would like the opportunity to explain how Apriori’s business model might make sense for them. Currently, I have two Consultants, and Susan and I have an appointment this week with another prospect! I am lucky to have a Sponsor who wants to see me be successful, and I have relied on her expertise to get me started!

Since joining Apriori, I have learned a LOT about skin and skincare products. The back office has the Audio Archives which are so educational and informative. It is great to hear consultants share what business practices have worked for them. I have also learned that Apriori is exactly the kind of company I want to be associated with. Everyone is so helpful, positive, encouraging and supportive of each other. With guaranteed products from Apriori, you really only need to use the products, because you will love the products, and it will be easy to share the products.

Recognizing outstanding retailing results

Tricia Baumgardner | Silver Director

Joined: February 2009
Personal Clients: 229
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 23 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: 9 times

A little over 7 years ago, I decided to become a Founding Consultant for a new skin care company that didn't have any products to sell! You might think this was a crazy decision, but I can tell you it has been one of the best and most rewarding decisions in my life. I became an Apriori Beauty Founding Consultant because I believed in our wonderful mission statement and I believed in the women who started the company. Our mission statement remains the same today: Beauty through pure product innovation, Beauty through building relationships, and Beauty that comes from personal success. I was involved in direct sales prior to joining Apriori Beauty, but saw something different with this company: it wasn't a get-rich-quick scheme; It wasn't a wholesale buying club; It was a company that would allow many to make right now money by "selling" products!

Many consultants ask, "What is your secret to retailing?" My answer is, "There is no secret!" You just need to believe in the products you are selling and use your experience with the products to retail. Also, your attitude is key and your enthusiasm is contagious. I'm not suggesting you smother potential clients, but be genuine. Building a relationship is important and gaining a potential new client’s trust is also key.

I feel that retailing is fun! I grew up with a retail background and from my experience, I know clients love to feel good and also enjoy a discount. I enjoy sharing our product specials with my current clients by personally reaching out to those who are most likely to purchase the specials. I use the customer reports to research their purchase history. This makes me a better retailer if I can say "It has been over 2 months since you purchased the Day Defense cream, it's on special this month for a 20% savings, how many would you like to purchase?"

I am always trying to grow my client base because our compensation plan allows us to make right now money with retailing no matter what level you reach as a Consultant. It's just as important for a Platinum Director to retail as it is for a new Consultant. For those Consultants who are looking to build a team, your client sales are the true bread and butter to maintaining your monthly payouts on the back end of the compensation plan.

Being prepared at all times to share our products will help you grow your retail business. I keep a small basket in my office stocked with samples and catalogs. I always have on hand a few sample sets that include: a scrub sample, a masque sample, and the skin care line samples with my business card. I will grab a couple of sample sets and catalogs and throw them in my bag. When I hand out anything, I always ask for a phone number and/or email. I ask them if it is ok to contact them in a few days to see how they liked the samples.

Based on my experiences and listening to what works from other Consultants, there are several ways to find new clients. First, I find the easiest way to gain new clients is to ask your existing clients for referrals. I will offer my existing clients $10 off their next order if their referral places an order. Another way to gain new clients is to have one of your clients host a beauty bar. Ask her to invite her friends over for a casual, fun evening learning about a fabulous skincare line she uses. I like to reward my client who hosts the event with one of her favorite products or one of our new products she hasn't tried yet, such as the Detox Masque or Epic. Yes, this requires you to invest in a few extra products, but it's well worth the benefit! I take advantage of the monthly specials and one day specials to purchase my extra products. Another idea to gain new clients is to join a networking group or join a group that interests you, i.e. A book club, bunko group, cooking group, hiking or walking group, etc. The beauty of direct sale retailing is being able to fit it in your daily schedule.

For almost 7 years, I have enjoyed the personal and financial benefits of retailing by using the methods mentioned above. It still puts a smile on my face when I can share with someone products I love and they see results when they use our products! Use, Love, Share!